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Having a good editor and marketing can sometimes make all the difference between a successful launch or a chorus of crickets and now here’s your chance to work with one of the best in the business today.

With over 200 published stories to his name, Raven Gregory served as Zenescope Entertainment’s Executive Editor for nearly eight years, helping the small boutique publisher become one of the top ten publishers in the nation before moving on to focus on his own creator owned properties.

Below are a list of services that we provide to suite your needs.  If you are interested in receiving a quote on a particular service please inquire at

Script edits:

Review your script and provide valuable feedback on dialogue, characterization, pacing, structure, entertainment value, commercial prospected viability, and even fix a typo or two.  Also includes a phone call from to discuss your story and possible courses of action to pursue publication.  This rate also includes a review of the 2nd draft of the script upon completion.

Pitch and script edits:

Review and feedback of your story pitch itself, as well as script edits.


Review and feedback on pencils, colors, letters edits as well as both pitch and script edits.  This is provided that the creator/writer/publisher already has a creative team in place.

Project manager and lead editor:

Assisting creator/writer/publisher with booking talent for covers and booking the creative team itself.  Includes Editor, pitch, and script edits.

Public relations and marketing:

1 month of service for up to 2 projects, 1 marketing plan for each project, 1 press release sent out to over 100 online news outlet contacts, minimum 4 Interviews set up with online media